Club members and operators are a group of friends who love HAM Radio and especially contesting.

The Spiritus Movens of the club is Mirek SP4MPG. He has the author of the conception of the station, owner of the equipment and what more – constructor/builder of a big part of the equipment of the station. Great help is given from Marek SP4MPB and Chris SP4K – the next club members and supporters.

The club station SO4M/SP4POB hosted or hosts many operators from Poland (A-Z): F5SDD, SP4DEU, SP4JCP, SP4JWD, SP5IXI/VK6DXI, SP5JXK, SP5OXJ, SP5UAF, SQ4MP, SQ6MS.

During contest operations club mebers also receive a big support (logistic matters, victualling) from Bozena – XYL living next to the club stations. While she has no callsign she is a valuable member of the team.

The main contest callsign of the club is SO4M. However sometimes also other calls appear in the contest from the station. Very often there is one Single Band operation as SO4M and another Single Band entry on another band with a personal call.