There are two FT-1000MKV transceivers used at the station. Sometimes there are additional transceivers. It depends on the category we are going to participate. There are homemade power amplifiers used also.

The station is prepared to operate SO2R style, also using 2 transceivers (or at least receivers) on the same band.

There is a number of antennas and the situation in this area changes very often. The basic antenna setup looks like this:

  • Tower 1: 3x5el Yagi for 28MHz
  • Tower 2: 2x6el Yagi for 21MHz
  • Tower 3: 2x6el Yagi for 14MHz
  • Tower 4: 3el for 7MHz
  • Tower 5: backup/multiplier Yagi: 3bander (10/15/20m); very often it is used for listening only
  • 4SQ for 3,5-3,7MHz. This antenna is switchable to 160m vertical (due to space limitations it is not possible to use 160m and 80m in the same time)
  • Tower 6: 3el Yagi for 10,1MHz (used of course only for DXing)

There are many RX antennas used at the station: K9AY arrays, beverages and many other RX antennas.

Of course there are many boxes, switches, wires, computers, rotator controllers etc. used at the station. Lots of them.

We use Internet connection at SO4M and usually we particiate assisted categories.