CQ WW DX CW 2017. 8 Hours Before the End

We were afraid about higher bands and unfortunately propagation forecasts were right. We managed to make only some (29) short skip QSOs on 10 meters and 15 meters was not opened also (only 264 QSOs). So in fact this year we have low band activity first of all. Please notice we are in the north part of Poland. It is not Southern Europe.

Today (Sunday) we had a very nice opening to Asia on 40 meters. For many hours we could work many stations, mostly from JA, UA9/UA0 and BY. By the way we all remember here that many years ago it was necessary to work the only station from China to not loose the multiplier. Now stations from China are more and more active and there are so many of them. Great!

Right 8 hours before the end of the contest we have over 4,5k QSOs in the log. Final score is 6.798.336 points at the moment. We are all in good mood and we are happy that everythig works at the station. There were no any spectacular failures 😉

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