CQ WW DX CW 2017. Friday before the contest

So we (SP5UAF and SP5OXJ) started from Warsaw at about 20:15 local time and after an hour we were at the Modlin Airport.  We met SQ6MS and F5SDD there. They came from France. Next we drove to the QTH of SO4M. We reached the place about half an hour before midnight. We were talking about HAM radio fr about two hours and then we went to bed.

On Firday morning we geat up early and Mirek SP4MPG told us the plan: what was neccessary to prepare, to correct etc. So right after the morning coffe we started our work: at the station, at the antennas, on the tower etc.

Most things seem to work, we have tested all bands but… You never knows what can happen during the contest. It is the first all-band entry from the station after many years of single band operations (20m or 40m).  So in fact we will be testing the station. Anyway we do hope to have great time and achieve nice score.

15m and 10m antennas
80m and 20m antennas

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